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SamicSub has been a key player in the telecommunications industry for several years, and we have consistently provided our customers with reliable and cost-effective mobile plans. Our goal is to make communication accessible to all, and we have achieved this through our innovative plans and services.

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Imagine a future where you're equipped with the clarity and confidence needed to dive into secure partnership, with very little and affordable money, generate income and bid farewell to the overwhelming uncertainties of what to do to get income. 

You might be asking yourself…Is this really possible?

You’ve Seen Others Do It, But Maybe You Have Doubts About Whether You Can Do It…

Series of questions pop in your head like:

Do I have enough funds to get started?

What if it is a scam? 

How will I know if this is a legit business or not? Etc. 

With so many questions hijacking your thoughts sometimes, it can feel impossible to acquire enough courage to move ahead.

And no matter how much  you do, some days, it seems you’ll never find the clarity and guidance you need to pick a path and pursue it with certainty.


But… there’s an absolute guarantee that comes with you starting your first or perhaps another move with us, a guarantee that may be unavailable anywhere in the business world and before I go into that, have a quick review from very few users who have benefitted from some of our initiatives:

They offer great telecoms service.

    You can always count on them for swift delivery 

                     - Steven Olayinka 



It's fast,secure and reliable.... It's one of the best data plug so far

  • Oluborode Choice 

As much as we’d like to share all reviews, they are not as important as seeing a proof of the amount of earnings we have paid out to our customers who have subscribed to at least one of our initiatives like Ambassadors plan, Canvasser, Trailblazer, Team Lead. 

We have paid not less than a hundred but more customers’ earnings in a single month; see below a few of our payouts 

Not to bore you with too much pictures, I don’t know if they’ve convinced you enough on how well we deliver on our promises but you can get this single guarantee that at your first day of subscribing to any of the plans starting with a minimum of #5,000 you get the promised return of at least 20GB and #2,000 airtime. Yes you read correctly; First day


I believe the question of funds or scam may have been answered effectively in this writeup but hopefully if they are not you can always reach out for further clarification as we do not want you to start or join us if you still have any doubts in your mind and until we are able to clear all doubts; do not join. 

However if one of the questions that pops up in your head is if we are a legit business whatever that means to Nigerians anyways, well can I give you a hint on how to know? 

It’s simple just check us out on the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) page, but that may not be enough, check also our practicing license with the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC). 

Have I been able to give you a little conviction? If yes click on a plan, make the payment, if you do not get the promise under 24 hours call us out. But we are sure there will be no need for that.
Remember, don’t start small; don’t hold out; go all in


You can find a way to add these…


"Why pay for Airtime and Data when you can have it all for FREE on


Samic Telecoms, your go-to telecommunication company, offers affordable data, airtime, bill payments, and more.


Become our customer (Ambassador) and earn cash back on every transaction you make, plus additional earnings on transactions made by others. We've proudly paid our Ambassadors N65 million in cash over the last 2 years. Check out the evidence below:


Our partners enjoy up to 2000GB data and N100,000 airtime for FREE, which they can recharge or resell for substantial profits.


Discover what our satisfied customers are saying about us:


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  • Category A - 5k Plan

    Offers at least 20GB of data and 2,000 NGN worth of airtime. With a minimum of 5 partners downline

  • Category B - 10k Direct Plan

    Offers at least 40GB of data and 4,000 NGN worth of airtime. This package offers a minimum of 15 partners downline.

  • Category C - 50k Direct Plan

    Offers at least 300GB of data and 10,000 NGN worth of airtime. This category offers a minimum of 90 partners downline.

  • Category A - 100k Reseller Plan

    Offers at least 500GB + 20,000 NGN worth of airtime. With a minimum of 90 partners downline

  • Category B - 200k Reseller Plan

    Offers at least 1000GB + 50,000 NGN worth of airtime. With a minimum of 365 partners downline

  • Category C - 500k Reseller Plan

    Offers at least 2500GB + 100,000 NGN worth of airtime. With a minimum of 1200 partners downline