Become an AMBASSADOR and earn over #10,000 daily!

Become an ambassador to access privileges and features that make it possible to earn over #10,000 daily.

Become an ambassador
#14,735,261 Tot. Earnings
#2,794,550 Tot. Bonuses
#11,940,711 Tot. Commissions
12,242 Active Ambassadors

Who are they?

Ambassadors are a special group of users whom we give access to exclusive features and services that enable them to earn daily from their transactions.

As an ambasador, you will have the privilege to generate a referral link with which to invite users. Doing so, opens up multiple channels from which you can earn effortlessly.

Own a Website/App and earn daily


Referral Link

Generate a unique referral link with which you can invite other users.

Withdraw Earnings

Withdraw your earnigs each day once it reaches a capped amount of #5000.

Earn Daily

See your earnings grow daily without any struggle.


Cheap Rates

Enjoy cheap rates on all our products.

Daily Earnings

Increase your personal income daily from your eranings.

Daily Withdrawals

Unlimited daily withdrawals once you reach the capped amount of #5000.

Access Referral System

Unlock referral system to increase your earnings.

Earnings Channels

Personal Transactions

Earn each time you purchase a product or service. Commission varies from product to product.

Referred transactions

You will earn a commission, each time those you refer purchase a product or service on our website.

User upgrade

You will equally earn #1000 when a user you referred upgrades to an ambassador plan.

Getting Started

Becoming our ambassador is direct and doesn't require a complex process. Simply follow the steps below to begin your journey to greatness!

Create Account

To begin, create an account. If you already have one, simply login.

Fund Wallet

You're expected to pay #2500 to upgrade your account. So, ensure you fund your wallet.

Click Join

Access your dashboard after login and click Join Now or the become ambassador link.

Submit Form

Fill and submit the request form. Get approved and start earning on-the-go!.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To get started, you need to have at least #2500 in your wallet. This amount is charged once.

The amount you can earn varies and depends also on how you approach this. Nevertheless, you can earn between #1,000 to above #10,000 daily.

You will receive #1000 commission for every of your referred user who upgrades to become an ambassador.

Absolutely, yes! Once your earnings reach #5000, you can make a withdrawal request.

There are two options for you. You can withdraw to your wallet or transfer to your bank account. Note, however, that the receiving bank account must be same with the previously submitted account during your upgrade to an ambassador.

The amount earned per transaction varies. It's dependent on the type of product or service. But be rest assured that you'll access enough bonuses as you transact each day.

We are often available and ready to help you understand how the platform works and to guide you through necessary processes such as making transactions, checking your earnings, making withdrawals, among others.