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Enjoy uninterrupted and unlimited calls to and from members of your Close User Group (CUG).

MTN Close User Group (CUG)


MTN CUG is a postpaid service plan that offers unlimited free calls and SMS to suscribed users. It allows members of a subscribed group to make and receive calls and send messages without limits for the subscription period.

It powers cost-effective and seamless communication amongst teams and groups to increase productivity and information-sharing in a timely and contained manner.

At a flat monthly rate and cost, you have control over your communication budget and plans. MTN CUG, therefore, takes away the hassle of communication cost management and allows teams and groups to focus on what matters.


Using this amazing service is quite flexble and beneficial. With just a few users, you can make unlimited calls and send free messages to your members.

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Enjoy unlimited calls and SMS to and from members of your CUG group.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How many members can make up a CUG Group?

To get started with MTN CUG, you need a minimum of 2 users and no maximum limit as you can activate as many as 1000 lines and beyond.

Who can initiate calls in the group?

Well, the flexibility of this plan allows any member of the the group to initate calls to other members at anytime. This allows for seamless communication, amongst members, that is not reliant on the account creator.

Do I need an MTN line to use this service?

Definitely, Yes! You a valid MTN line to able to create an MTN CUG account or be member of a CUG from the service provider. You can purchase and register an MTN line from accredited outlets.

I have an MTN line, can I use it?

This Closed User Group plan is available to both new and existing customers. So, yes you can. You simply need to migrate to the appropriate plan that allows you to enjoy the benefits and services at will.

Can I migrate later?

Of course you can migrate to a plan that suits you when you feel this isn't ideal for you. However, the benefits accrued to using this plan are quite invaluable to ignore.

Can I call non-CUG members?

You can call other lines outside your Closed User Group but calls will be charged. Luckily, you'll enjoy a cheap call rate of 11k/s.

Are there other benefits?

Well, we offer our users the opportunity to become CUG ambassadors. This allows them to earn recurring monthly income from linked clients. Also, you earn each month when you renew your plan.

MTN Close User Group (CUG)

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